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By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

I ran across this website today, and had to share it. All you need for that home ethanol distillery operation, sans the taters. Those you have to grow for yourself!

From the brochure:

Automobile Conversions
Our “SIMPLE SOUR MASH TO SIMPLE ALCOHOL FUEL” book contains a complete section on this subject, in
addition to much more valuable and useful information relating to alcohol.

Sour Mash Method
We use and recommend the SOUR MASH METHOD for making alcohol. With this method, the mash is not cooked. This
enables you to use your mash over and over. The process is simple:

1. You make a “mash” out of corn, grains, potatoes, sugar beets, fruits, etc. with water, yeast and a sweetening agent
such as molasses.
2. The mash makes a “beer” during the fermentation.
3. The “still” takes the alcohol out of the beer during distillation. Only the liquid beer is placed in the cooker using the
SOUR MASH method. This enables you to use your mash over and over. Cooked mash can be used only once.

If you choose to cook your mash using enzymes, all REVENOOR stills will work equally well using this method.

***The average auto uses 800 gallons of fuel per year
and a single acre of sugar beets for example would yield about 1200 gallons of alcohol.


Download brochure: Revenoor Ethanol.

We can wean ourselves from gasoline and strangle the likes of BP et. al., by becoming self-sufficient and making our own ethanol! This is doable!

Barbara H. Peterson

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