Barbara H. Peterson


Seasonings can be spendy, and full of things that we don’t really want to put into our bodies. So, how can you make sure that you get 100% organic, healthy seasonings? One way is to grow and prepare them yourself. Here is a simple way to make onion powder using Egyptian Walking Onions. They are extremely easy to keep, as they come back every year by themselves, and the harvest is bountiful.

Here is where it starts, at the onion bed. These onions will develop a cluster of small bulbs that can be harvested and eaten – delicious!

Step 1

Harvest the tops of your Walking Onions by simply grabbing the top cluster of bulbs and popping them off. Rinse, and let dry.

Step 2

Cut off any dead and/or woody parts and peel off the tough outer skin.

Step 3

Take a food processor and place the slicing blade in it.

Step 4

Put the top on the processor, fill the tube with your prepared onions, place the pusher on top, and turn on the processor. Fill as needed. Watch out, as they like to pop out when you remove the pusher to put more in.

Step 5

Remove sliced onions from the processor and place in large colander under fan to dry, stirring and turning often to prevent spoilage.

Step 6

When dry, either store in sealed container for later, or place in coffee grinder to make onion powder.

 Step 7


Barbara H. Peterson