By Barbara H. Peterson

In 2005, I experienced something that rocked my world. It started with an itch about halfway between my right knee and ankle, on the side of my leg. I inspected the area, and saw a couple of small bumps that looked like pimples. By the next day, the affected area had grown from just these few bumps to a dime-sized area filled with them. The itching increased. I sloughed it off to some sort of allergic reaction that would go away shortly. It didn’t. In fact, it grew to the point of keeping me awake at night.

When scratched, the bumps oozed clear liquid. I can best describe what this turned into as the worst case of poison oak rash that anyone has ever endured. This rash spread all the way up my leg to my shoulders, and included the other leg as well. There seemed to be no relief in sight. I got so desperate to ease the itching that I actually bathed in bleach. This DID NOT help. In fact, it only made things worse. Antibiotics did not work, fungicides did not work, steroid creams did not work. NOTHING worked. I was desperate.

I finally determined that the food I was eating must have something to do with it and stopped eating, drinking my pure well water only. The itching seemed to subside. Quite frankly, after making this connection, I was scared to eat! This couldn’t go on for long, so after hunger took over, I slowly started introducing foods into my diet, one item at a time.

It should be noted that during this time, I was told about genetically modified foods (GMOs) and started doing some research. I checked out the labels of all of the processed foods in my kitchen, and found that almost all of them contained known GM ingredients such as corn, soy, beet sugar, and milk containing rBGH hormone. Could this be the cause of my affliction? I would soon find out.  (more…)


I watch the skies daily for chemtrails.  On May 14, 15, 17 and 20th, the skies here in Central Minnesota were a patchwork of crosshatched grids……white trails that after a time took on the appearance af a feathery tic tac toe board.  I’m not supposed to be able to figure out that nature could not produce these patterns even once, much less repeatedly.  Within hours of their appearance, the afternoon sunny sky looked overcast. 

On May 15th, the chemtrails were running north to south, but the natural clouds were moving west to east.  The contrast was especially notable as the chemtrails were long streaks that were just beginning to fan out and the natural cloud formations were those that looked like white fluffy cotton balls. 

Although we are told repeatedly that the chemtrails are really just “contrails or vapor trails” from jets overhead common sense tells us this can’t be true.  First……why would a jet criss cross the skies in such a manner, and second, why would these jets be emitting up to four streams of what looks like white exhaust?  Why after they appear do birds fall out of the sky dead?  Why do fish in our lakes and rivers suddenly start washing ashore, dead? 

I know that chemtrails have been cited all over the world.  When I see them here in what is the finest farmland in the world, I am more than concerned.  Minnesota is farm country.  We grow everything.  Wheat, corn, soy, sugar beets among many other crops.  We are one of the leading dairy producers and produce a fair amount of beef and pork.  Those turkeys we all love to eat at Thanksgiving most times will come from one of the many farms here in this state. Knowing that we are being fogged with chemtrails in a state that is a tremendous supplier of food for our consumption frightens me.

Because I am aware that the coming food shortage is one that has been carefully created, I am in the process of storing as much dried food and supplies as possible.  This effort includes growing my own garden again this year.  To protect it from as much contamination as possible from whatever is in the chemtrails that floats down to the earth, I keep a watchful eye out for the grids, or for wispy trails running at odds with natural weather patterns.  When these appear, I cover my garden with thin sheets of plastic.  First I wet it down just enough to keep the moisture level up as the plastic will create a greehouse affect.  Using the thinnest sheets of plastic possible allows the sun to still penetrate, and the condensation that occurs from moistening the ground and plants before hand, keeps the plants in fine shape. 

This may sound like a lot of work, but once you have done it, it becomes a simple and quick task to reapply the plastic.  Besides, it may well protect your produce and your soil from contamination. 

Nothing is fool proof.  And it may well be in the end that nothing will protect us or our food from whatever toxic cocktails they are spraying us with, but this is the only thing I have been able to come up with in an effort to reduce the amount of toxins being dumped into our atmosphere that could end up in the produce from my garden and yours.

As noted above, I am in Central Minnesota.  The days I noted the chemtrails I also noted that the farmers were active in their fields, turning the soil over and readying them for planting.  Early crops of hay and wheat are already in and visibly growing.  I just ordered a new digital camera and will be photographing the progress of crops in this area, and the chemtrails when they appear. 

If anyone out there has any other suggestions or ideas on how to protect our gardens and animals from these toxic sprays, I would sure like to hear them.

Marti Oakley