Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Most of us have wondered what it would be like to pack bag and baggage, move to a remote area of the country, be able to cut all ties to the outside world if necessary and live off-grid. Quite a daunting task, and a bit scary. But it can be done, as evidenced by Bud and Judy who did just that around 9 years ago, and are thriving today because of it.

I asked Bud what their motivation was, and he said: “We just wanted to do things on our own.” Well, they are doing just that. Isolated from the artificial existence of city life, cocooned in the warm glow of self-sufficiency and ready to cut the ties to civilization at any moment, Bud and Judy are living a life that most of us only dream about, and I was about to get a peak at their hideaway…  READ MORE


“The cabin is 14  x 14 and approximately 400 square feet with a full loft. It includes a kitchen, dining area, bathroom and living area downstairs and a large bedroom and office upstairs.”

By SurvivalReport

Short video showing the basics of pressure canning green beans. One of the goals to work for with self-sufficiency, homesteading and/or preparedness is growing and putting up (preserving) enough food to last from one season to the next. This is how the pioneers and early settlers did it. They grew enough in the spring and summer not only for fresh eating during that time period, but enough to put up to keep them through the winter and till the next harvest. That should be our goal as we work towards self-sufficiency. Every little bit counts!