By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Organic is organic, or is it? It would seem that it is all a matter of perspective when one takes a stroll through the mountains of documents on the FDA and USDA websites.

The word “organic” is fast becoming a high-dollar money-maker for corporations smart enough to jump on the bandwagon and start marketing their products as “made with organic ingredients,” or “certified organic.” Even Monsanto is taking advantage of this burgeoning market, and people naïve enough to believe that what we have traditionally thought of as pure, organic food, is still that way, are being duped.

It makes perfect sense, however, in a Machiavellian sort of way. Flood the food supply with poisons, then lead people to believe that the only safe choice left is USDA Certified Organic. Then buy up the organic companies one by one, and start changing the “organic” rules from the inside out via the bought and paid for government agencies so that you can reap the profits from those trying to escape the poisons.  (more…)

By Barbara H. Peterson

Codex Isn’t Coming, It’s Here!

Why is there so much denial by consumer advocate groups such as the National Health Federation(1) (NHF) about Barry Soetoro implementing the U.S. Codex council via Executive Order(2)? What is it that they don’t want you to see? Just do the research, and you will discover that we have been up to our eyeballs in Codex since 1962 and don’t even know it.


By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

I know that you know how shocked I am about this. Michael Taylor, Monsanto’s golden boy, head of the FDA? If you think about it, this makes perfect sense. After all, if Al Gore can get a Nobel Peace Prize for one of the greatest scams in history, then Michael Taylor should indeed become in charge of our nation’s food regulatory agency. (more…)

By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Move over, NAIS, here comes NHIS – a National Human Identification System under the FDA. And you thought a tracking system was just for livestock. Well, you are right. To the ruling oligarchy, we the people are just that – livestock to be herded, tracked, culled, and medicated.

Take a look at the following section of HR 3200. READ MORE…

piratesSource: Rady Ananda

A new food safety bill is on the fast track in Congress-HR 2749, the Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009. The bill needs to be stopped.

HR 2749 gives FDA tremendous power while significantly diminishing existing judicial restraints on actions taken by the agency. The bill would impose a one-size-fits-all regulatory scheme on small farms and local artisanal producers; and it would disproportionately impact their operations for the worse.  READ MORE…


By Barbara H. Peterson  

As I think about the “food safety” bills HR 875, HR 814, and HR 759, I take a stroll through the web to see what I can find. Lo and behold, I find some very interesting information. 

I have been thinking about the connection between the genetic modification of animals and these bills. I wondered just how the agribusiness giants would keep track of their GM animals once they enter the mainstream food supply market. It’s one thing to go to a farmer’s canola field and take samples back to the lab for testing to see if they contain the patented GM gene, but a whole cow? Not likely.  

The following was published on January 15, 2009 at CNN

The Food and Drug Administration announced formal guidelines Thursday that will regulate the production of genetically engineered (GE) animals. 

“Genetic engineering is a cutting edge technology that holds substantial promise for improving the health and well being of people as well as animals,” Randall Lutter, deputy commissioner for policy at the FDA, said in a statement. 

“In this document, the agency has articulated a scientifically robust interpretation of statutory requirements. This guidance will help the FDA efficiently review applications for products from GE animals to ensure their safety and efficacy.” 

The FDA emphasized GE animals are not cloned, but instead have new characteristics or traits introduced into the organism through their DNA. 

The new guidelines would require all GE animals to go through rigorous scientific testing before being sold on the market, according to Dr. Bernadette Dunham, director for the FDA‘s Center for Veterinary Medicine. 

“We want the public to understand that food from GE animals will not enter the food supply unless FDA has determined that it is safe,” she said. 

So, the FDA approves GM animals for the food supply, and just like the canola, the products from them such as meat, milk, etc., do not have to be labeled. 

Consumers will more than likely not see any changes in labeling of these animal products. Unless the physical makeup of the animal is altered, companies and producers will not be required to let consumers know their meat products come from a genetically engineered animal. (CNN)

Okay, but what do the tracking bills have to do with it? 

The breeding industry is mostly concerned with tracking animals descended from clones,” he says. Clones are genetic copies of other animals, but don’t necessarily have foreign DNA inserted. But most GM mammals, Hanson points out, are clones. “Once you get it right,” he says, “you clone it.” (AlterNet

Genetically modified meat is on its way, and the FDA has already approved clones, but there is a moratorium on them due to “marketing reasons.” 

The following information was obtained from World Science in an article dated January 16, 2008: 

Meat and milk from clo ned an­i­mals are as safe as that from their coun­ter­parts bred the old-fash­ioned way, the U.S. Food and Drug Ad­min­istra­t­ion said Tues­day – but sales still won’t beg­in right away.

The de­ci­sion re­moves the last big U.S. reg­u ­la­tory hur­dle to mar­ket­ing prod­ucts from cloned live­stock, and puts the FDA in con­cert with re­cent safe­ty as­sess­ments from Eu­ro­pe­an food reg­u­la­tors and sev­er­al oth­er na­t­ions.

“Meat and milk from cat­tle, swi ne and goat clones are as safe as food we eat eve­ry day,” said Ste­phen Sundloff, FDA’s food safe­ty chief.

But the gov­ern­ment has asked an­i­mal cloning com ­pa­nies to con­tin­ue a vol­un­tary mor­a­to­ri­um on sales for a lit­tle long­er – not for safe­ty rea­sons, but mar­ket­ing ones.

USDA Un­der­sec­re­tary Bruce Kni ght called it a tran­si­tion pe­ri­od for “al­low­ing the mar­ket­place to ad­just.” He would­n’t say how long the mor­a­to­ri­um should con­tin­ue…

…FDA won’t re­quire food mak­ers to la­bel if their prod­ucts came from cloned an­i­mals, al­though com­pa­nies could do so vol­un­tarily if they knew the source. Last month, meat and dairy pro­duc­ers an­nounced an in­dus­try sys­tem to track cloned live­stock, with an elec­tron­ic iden­ti­fica­t­ion tag on each an­i­mal sold. Cus­tomers would sign a pledge to mar­ket the an­i­mal as a clone. 

So, we have GM cloned animals set to go to market, no labeling required, and bills set to implement a tracking system for all livestock. 

Tracking problem solved for the GM giants. You don’t have to go to a field and drag a cow back to the lab, or bring your equipment to the cow. If these bills pass, the animals will already be in a database, courtesy of Congress.

And just what does this mean to the small rancher?

(1988) The United States Patent and Trademark Office, in a new policy that could substantially change how lifestock and poultry are sold, has determined that companies holding patents on new animal forms have the authority to require farmers to pay royalties.

The royalties would be paid on the sales of patented animals and on generations of their offspring, meaning that farmers would have to pay patent holders a fee for adult animals and for generations of calves, colts, lambs, chicks, and piglets produced through the 17-year life of the patent. (New York Times)

Now let’s connect the dots. We have patents on GM animals, and most GM animals are clones. The FDA has approved both for our food supply, with no labeling required. We have, poised to be set in motion, a tracking system for all animals. Farmers have to pay royalties “on the sales of patented animals and on generations of their offspring, meaning that farmers would have to pay patent holders a fee for adult animals and for generations of calves, colts, lambs, chicks, and piglets produced through the 17-year life of the patent.”

Isn’t this beginning to sound familiar? Does Percy Schmeiser ring a bell? Here is a possible scenario:

A GM bull gets out of a factory farm down the road and mates with a regular cow on a neighbor’s ranch. Since the neighbor is required to report and trace every animal’s movements, he must account for the new calf or face penalties. The factory farm has reported that the bull has gotten out, and was recovered at the neighbor’s ranch. The neighbor does not have a bull, so it is logical to assume that this new calf is a product of the GM bull and his cow. If testing shows that the calf is GM, just like Percy Schmeiser, the neighbor is now responsible for a patent holder’s fee for that animal and any offspring it may have.


© Barbara H. Peterson

Editor’s note:

Please read the following article carefully, and do the research. Open the reference links. This is documented fact. First the grain and veggies, now the meat. Monsanto, in collusion with the FDA, USDA, etc. – in other words, the bad guys – are set to take over every aspect of our food supply.

Here is a collaborating article from straight from the FDA site.



Here is the article:

Monsanto in Illinois: Homeland Security and USDA Plan Attacks Against Animals


By Linn Cohen-Cole

Below is a letter to livestock producers in Illinois asking them and others to contact the Governor’s office to ask to be allowed to be present at a meeting between Homeland Security and the USDA which involves NAIS and “surge capacity” under Homeland Security to attack and seize and destroy – “depopulate” an area of – animals.  This meeting is about what will be done TO THEM but they are shut out. 

Many of you already know about Monsanto’s “rural cleansing”” in southern Illinois of 200 – 400 farmers for using Steve Hixon as their seed cleaner.  One is being sued for $400,000.  Do the math.  In 2006, Monsanto made $160,000,000 in this Mafia-like extortion.

Many of you already know that Monsanto was involved in the development of NAIS which, to me, appears to be the set up on the animal side, to do what Monsanto has done with seeds – eliminate normal animals and substitute genetically engineered animals.  I’ve written about how Homeland Security is set to military type warrantless raids against farms to seize and destroy animals crops and equipment using “animal disease” as the excuse – no due process, no means of checking to see if any of the animals are fine, no way to stop the slaughter.  I’ve also written how the USDA has already proved it operates this way.

Homeland Security is the centralization of power bequeathed to us by Bush’s “War on Terror,” something many believe was not based on an enemy attack at all.  Amnesty International is calling for an elimination of laws that were passed under Bush’s “War on Terror” justification.  NSA-spying is one such abuse. 

NAIS is NSA-spying on steroids – imagine paying for the equipment used to spy on you, yourself, having to keep it up, having to let the government know in advance of every move your animals make (a trail ride, for instance, your child bringing a pet chicken to school), and to have to file paperwork within 24 hours afterwards or face penalties so draconian, the second infraction if your chicken crosses the road and you fail to report it on time, is $500,000. 

NAIS is backed up by Homeland Security.  Both are connected to Monsanto and, as is typical of Monsanto, both are resulting in terror for farmers. 

Food and Water Watch, the Organic Consumers Association, the Center for Food Safety, Public Citizen, the Campaign for Liberty, Amnesty International, the ACLU, and every farming, food, anti-GMO, animal rights, economic justice groups in this country must come together and with many other organizations, to need to demand NAIS be eliminated entirely.  Homeland Security regulations are in place to provide the required destruction of normal animals and small farmers that Monsanto needs for taking over with genetically engineered and patented animals and making them the only option.  This is happening in Asia already with poultry as small farmers are being destroyed for the benefit of multinationals.  Biotech companies are ready now to replace all poultry in the world with their patented, thus privatized “bird flu-resistant” super chickens.

Homeland Security is the corporate muscle behind the take over of the US food supply.  And the the liquidation of our farmers is long planned – by executives.  Homeland Security must be stripped of warrantless, military, search-seize-destroy power over our small farmers and all of us.

So, in addition to this horrific meeting of the USDA (run by Vilsack, Monsanto’s crony) and Homeland Security (also corrupted by Monsanto) to which no farmers are allowed though they are the targets, in southern Illinois, in a six county area, right now, hundreds of crop farmers are living in terror of what is going to happen to them, no longer speaking to neighbors, because Monsanto people lied to them and told them their neighbors turned them in or that Hixon did.

Meanwhile, the Speaker of the House in Illinois who just pushed through an ethics bill because of the lack of all ethical there, has a staff filled with Monsanto lobbyists.

This is Obama’s state. 

Why is Monsanto so comfortable taking over there?  Because Obama overrode immense public objections and put in Vilsack, Monsanto’s boy?  It is time to make him responsible for his agencies and stop this assault on American farming.
It is interesting that this closed – to those affected – meeting is occurring immediately after Vilsack (Monsanto) just promised transparency.

As you read this, realize that the people posting this out have been doing immense and difficult work now for years to stop NAIS, are fighting for their lives, battling agencies without our help, while being lied to, coerced, threatened, forced, and even involuntarily and/or without their knowledge being forced into NAIS and Premises ID.

Read this message to livestock producers in Illinois to get a sense of how totalitarian things have become and how shut out the public is from decisions that affect it directly and threaten its livelihoods and even existence.

All calls, emails and letters you can send to let the Governor of Illinois know how you feel about this outrage and to demand that the public be allowed into this meeting of two abominably corrupted agencies – the USDA and Homeland Security – would be appreciated.  And if you are members of any of the organization listed above, please tell them you expect them to demand a complete halt to NAIS and to seek with as many organizations as possible, a criminal investigation into congressional and governmental agency corruption into USDA, FDA, EPA, and Homeland Security regulations that threaten the very existence of our REAL American farmers.

Every farmer and person in the entire country who has even a single farm animal – even a chicken or pet duck, is in trouble – and at a time of unemployment and impending food shortages when just a few chickens and a small goat could actually provide the protein needed for a family.

DOA to hold International Homeland Security Training (livestock) in Wheaton, IL – livestock owners beware 

Please take an opportunity to contact Governor Quinn’s office – to ask him to allow Livestock owners to participate in the “International Homeland Security Training” in June (Wheaton, Illinois). Click here.

It was with great interest I read in FarmWeek (Page 9 Monday, February 9, 2008 edition) “Nine livestock emergency meetings planned” column.

I would like to point out that after these Meetings have concluded, Illinois has been selected to “Host International Homeland Security Training” by the USDA. Click here

However, don’t bother to call Mr. Jennings (Director IDOA) or Mr. Kunkle (Illinois State Premises ID Coordinator) – producers, livestock owners, independent groups, etc. Are not to be “allowed” to attend this “Tabletop Exercise”. Even though it will address concerns with a “foreign animal disease outbreak”, Premises Registration (NAIS), and the “depopulation/tracking” of infected animals.

Just ignore the fact that 13 States, 4 Nations and “Official” people can go. Don’t bother to contact your legislator as we did (Senator Luechtefeld) and ask for assistance in knowing what will happen at the meeting.

Senator Luechtefeld did an outstanding job requesting several times on our behalf 4 slots for Species Specific individuals to attend and understand what plans will be developed from these nine meetings. We even offered to “bring our own folding chairs and Box-Lunches if the USDA/IDOA finds itself pressed for funds in this economically challenged era.”

It has been 7 weeks and now final notice has been received from Mr. Jennings: The Illinois Department of Agriculture does not want the individuals who will be directly affected by (not to mention paying for with tax dollars) this “Exercise” to attend.

Just sign up for the 9 meetings and let the “Officials” take care of all the details. No need to worry about transparency or information being relayed to the individuals who will be directly impacted.

If any Farm Bureau member is as disgusted with the “business as usual” behind closed doors running of the Illinois Government as we are, I encourage you to contact our new Governor Pat Quinn to ask “What is the problem with small Livestock Owners being involved with Agriculture?”

Stand up for Illinois.

Let’s see if it really will be a new era.


Mrs. Michael Sabo
Illinois Independent Consumer and Farmers Association (IICFA)

Many of you are already aware of the NAIS program, however, this issue addresses both that, and the USDA’s decision to hold a planning session for emergency livestock disease control – without benefit of owner/producer involvement of any sort.
Since all of you deal either directly with livestock issues, or have contact with livestock owners, we felt we should notify you so that you might notify your clients/customers/vendors.
Both letters contain important information and links about this meeting. Will make more sense if the bottom letter is read first, as my letter is a response posted publicly to it. When posting to your lists, feel free to C&P if you wish.
Thanks, all!
Sue Diederich
Illinois Independent Consumers and Farmers Association
(847) 873-0251
Palatine, IL 60074