By Podchef

The Podchef shows how to bake bread, cookies, and other goodies in an outside, wood oven.

The oven? Here is how he built it.

Instructions on constructing the same wood oven that the Podchef has from a company with the following philosophy:

These ovens constitute a radical departure in building technique and use that has made it possible for the first time for small rural based home and village bakeries to be viable and competitive with the industry at any level.

With the ongoing loss of middle class occupations throughout western societies, many with even moderate skills and capital can create an invaluable small business in their communities that will find ready support from them in return.

Many are finding for the first time the joy of meanigful work in the bosum of their communities and free from the distant hidden grip of the corporate world at last.

Brick OvenHere is a link to a ton of information and plans for making all sorts of wood-fired ovens:

Raised garden beds can be used anywhere that space is limited, or where underground varmints are a problem. Watch this video to learn how to make them.

by Gardenfork