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The Seed Lady Network is dedicated to open source seed sharing, free from transgenic contamination and patent piracy. To this end, every effort is being made to provide an environment to share private seed stock and keep sources for traditional non-GMO seeds available to the people for generations to come. Our intention is to provide safe alternatives for individuals and families who wish to avoid consumption of genetically altered foods.

If you have been saving seeds from that special veggie and would like to share some with others, list your seeds on the Network. Whether you are offering them for free to replenish another’s lost stock, or would like to trade for something else to add to your collection, just list your terms in the ad along with your contact information, and swap away!

Seed Lady is designed to be a horizontally integrated platform for individual seed sharers to reach out across the globe with their precious seed resources, in order to combat growing corporate control over our food supply, starting with the seed.

The Seed Lady Team encourages everyone, both individual seed swappers and established seed companies, to take the following non-biotech seed source pledge:


The Seed Lady Team


Who’s growing our food?  What’s in it?
Why it isn’t safe!
vote with your fork


These are the issues that will be discussed at the following place and time:

Venice Center for Peace and Justice (at the Venice United Methodist Church) 2210 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 (1 blk. north of Venice Blvd)

Thursday, November 19 7 PM – Q&A after the presentations


Jules Dervaes, Katherine Green, Nicole Johnson

Dorothy Reik: phone 818-226-6100 Julie Levine: phone 310-455-9389

*Sponsored by the West LA Democratic Club, Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Westwood- Westside, New Frontiers, 4-Star and Culver City Democratic Clubs, Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles, and Westside Progressives

Jules Dervaes is the founder of Path to Freedom, a family-operated, viable urban homestead project established in 2001 to promote a simpler and more fulfilling lifestyle and to sow a “homegrown revolution” against the corporate powers that control the food supply. Since the mid-1980s, Mr. Dervaes and his three adult children have worked at transforming their city lot in Pasadena into a thriving organic garden that supplies them with food all year round. Through the family’s outreach efforts at PathtoFreedom.com and via their popular, award-winning documentary short, Homegrown Revolution, millions of people worldwide have been educated and inspired to pursue a more sustainable way of life.

Katherine Green is, by profession, a television writer and producer. But most recently she’s been involved with researching the state of the food industry in this country. She has edited together a short DVD which helps break down in a provocative and entertaining way what we’re up against in the supermarket–nutritionism, gmo crops, labeling laws, silenced scientists– and how Monsanto fits into the picture.

Nicole Johnson is a researcher, writer and activist living in Ventura County, CA. Her recent work has focused on the sustainable production of wholesome food, agribusiness and the globalized food supply chain, the impact of the industrial food supply on health, and safe drinking water issues. She has published critical articles on the new food safety legislation. As a mother she has the most compelling reasons of all for working to ensure our food and water supply is clean, safe, and toxin-free.

path to freedom

Non-choicesBy Pamela Drew

Source: Newsvine

Monsanto needs phosphate to make Roundup, and so wants a new phosphates mine in Idaho. Three of the company’s phosphate mines have already been declared federal Superfund sites, while the fourth is currently in violation of the Clean Water Act. EPA officials say the mines are leaking selenium, cadmium, nickel and zinc into rivers that flow to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park. That makes for opposition to the new mine, but Monsanto’s friendly lobby group “Growers for Biotechnology” are ever ready to lend a hand. READ MORE…

Picture note: Blocks from Ground Zero, a classic Checker Cab offers three food choices, two that American consumers don’t have the right to make. There is no gmo labeling and no country or origin disclosure. Free Markets in The Land of the Free re-engineered into the corporate free pass. (Pamela Drew)

This Sunday, May 18, Marti Oakley will be on the Mark Dankof’s America radio show hosted by the Republic Broadcasting Network. She will be on the air sometime between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM Central Time.
The call-in number is 800-313-9443.
Be sure to catch what is bound to be an exciting show. Marti, publisher of the Proud Political Junkie’s Gazette, and my partner in a book-writing venture that is sure to blow the lid off corporate America and companies like Monsanto, will do what she does best; give an honest and no-holds-barred piece of her mind regarding the shadow government running our country, and what is in store for We the People in the months to come.
Call in with your questions and comments!


Here is more information about the show:  


Host(s): Mark Dankof
Call In Number: 800-313-9443
Show Time: Sundays, 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM

The show will consist of news analysis of critical domestic and international developments, seen through the lenses of Mr. Dankof’s Old Right, Paleo-conservative, anti-New World Order worldview. Guests will be drawn from political, media, and literary circles both in the United States and abroad, who contribute to the show’s themes and edify the listening audience. The listener call-in format employed in the previous Mark Dankof’s America stint on the Republic Broadcasting Network will be retained again.  


Listen here: