By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

H.R. 5577 Exempts the USDA Certified Organics Industry from the labeling requirement and testing even if producers use GMO processing ingredients.

H.R.5577 – The Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act was introduced by Dennis Kucinich on June 23, 2010. The bill’s intent is to require labeling of foods if they contain genetically engineered (GMO) ingredients, or are processed with genetically engineered materials.

This is a very good idea, and one that I support. However, does it go far enough?  (more…)

By Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)
June 21, 2010

Source: Organic Consumer’s Association

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), a long-time advocate of family farmers and organic foods, today made the following statement after the Supreme Court voted 7-1 to allow the experimental planting of genetically modified alfalfa seed before an environmental review is completed:

“Today the Supreme Court ruled that when it comes to genetically modified organisms, we as consumers, have to wait until the damage is done and obvious, before we can act to protect health and the environment, even if that damage could be irreversible.

“Haven’t we learned from the catastrophe in the Gulf of the dangers of technological arrogance, of proceeding ahead with technologies without worrying about the consequences? Why do we continue to throw precaution to the wind?

“Tomorrow I will introduce three bills this week that will provide a comprehensive regulatory framework for all Genetically Engineered (GE) plants, animals, bacteria, and other organisms. To ensure we can maximize benefits and minimize hazards, Congress must provide a comprehensive regulatory framework for all GE products. Structured as a common-sense precaution to ensure GE foods do no harm, these bills will ensure that consumers are protected, food safety measures are strengthened, farmers’ rights are better protected and biotech companies are responsible for their products,” said Kucinich.

Well folks, good old Clarence Thomas remained true to form and overturned the ban on GM Alfalfa. They will begin planting upon completion of the USDA’s Environmental Impact Statement and review. But wait, maybe the USDA will decide to not allow it! And I think I just saw a pig fly over my house. Remember, this is this the same USDA that gives insurance breaks to farmers willing to plant genetically modified crops instead of normal ones. But just maybe this “non-biased” agency will decide in favor of common sense and the health of the people, eh? FAT CHANCE! We are going to be flooded with GM contamination the likes of which we have never seen. Prepare yourself. It is coming.

Barbara H. Peterson


The Adventures of Aggie the Traveling Agrobacterium is a narrated slide show outlining the genetic engineering process and the danger that it poses in a simple and fun, easy to understand format for both adults and children.

Watch here:

To support this important work by purchasing an Aggie CD, please go here:

By Barbara H. Peterson

For those who remember, I spoke some time ago about how I fed my geese GMO corn for a winter, and the following breeding season, they were aggressive, fighting all the time, and wouldn’t sit a nest for long. One female had 2 babies, but lost both. One was physically deformed. I realized that the corn I was feeding was GMO, and started them on free-ranging, supplementing with beardless barley hay.

Well, this year we have 17 new babies! All three females of breeding age sat nests and hatched babies. No fighting, and everything is normal in the goose kingdom. There is hope. So far it looks like my geese have made a full recovery. Here is a recent pic of one family crossing the field:

Here is a pic of sleepy time in the woodshed, with Reba standing guard:




My guest this week is Marti Oakley, a farm and food activist, who will be talking about the dangers associated with genetically modified food and crops. She will also provide some very valuable insight into food labeling and S-510, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010 as well as the federal government’s relentless and unconstitutional attack on family farms and ranches. If you are concerned about your Liberty, Freedoms and what you eat, you are encouraged to call in.

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