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By Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)
June 21, 2010

Source: Organic Consumer’s Association

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), a long-time advocate of family farmers and organic foods, today made the following statement after the Supreme Court voted 7-1 to allow the experimental planting of genetically modified alfalfa seed before an environmental review is completed:

“Today the Supreme Court ruled that when it comes to genetically modified organisms, we as consumers, have to wait until the damage is done and obvious, before we can act to protect health and the environment, even if that damage could be irreversible.

“Haven’t we learned from the catastrophe in the Gulf of the dangers of technological arrogance, of proceeding ahead with technologies without worrying about the consequences? Why do we continue to throw precaution to the wind?

“Tomorrow I will introduce three bills this week that will provide a comprehensive regulatory framework for all Genetically Engineered (GE) plants, animals, bacteria, and other organisms. To ensure we can maximize benefits and minimize hazards, Congress must provide a comprehensive regulatory framework for all GE products. Structured as a common-sense precaution to ensure GE foods do no harm, these bills will ensure that consumers are protected, food safety measures are strengthened, farmers’ rights are better protected and biotech companies are responsible for their products,” said Kucinich.

Well folks, good old Clarence Thomas remained true to form and overturned the ban on GM Alfalfa. They will begin planting upon completion of the USDA’s Environmental Impact Statement and review. But wait, maybe the USDA will decide to not allow it! And I think I just saw a pig fly over my house. Remember, this is this the same USDA that gives insurance breaks to farmers willing to plant genetically modified crops instead of normal ones. But just maybe this “non-biased” agency will decide in favor of common sense and the health of the people, eh? FAT CHANCE! We are going to be flooded with GM contamination the likes of which we have never seen. Prepare yourself. It is coming.

Barbara H. Peterson


Barb’s note: Remember the contaminated food that was killing dogs? And remember the contaminated baby formula that was sickening the babies it was supposed to nourish? Well, the contamination was melamine. Guess what? Instead of ruling that there should be no melamine in our food supply, Codex has decided that it worked so well for killing off the dogs and making babies sick that they decided to include it in everyone’s food. You’ve got it folks. These mass murderers have determined that it is okay for everyone to eat the very product that kills dogs and makes babies sick. I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we take these scoundrels and force-feed them the very same melamine tainted food they are trying to force down our throats? READ MORE…

By Barbara H. Peterson

For those who remember, I spoke some time ago about how I fed my geese GMO corn for a winter, and the following breeding season, they were aggressive, fighting all the time, and wouldn’t sit a nest for long. One female had 2 babies, but lost both. One was physically deformed. I realized that the corn I was feeding was GMO, and started them on free-ranging, supplementing with beardless barley hay.

Well, this year we have 17 new babies! All three females of breeding age sat nests and hatched babies. No fighting, and everything is normal in the goose kingdom. There is hope. So far it looks like my geese have made a full recovery. Here is a recent pic of one family crossing the field:

Here is a pic of sleepy time in the woodshed, with Reba standing guard:

By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

As we approach what will be a landmark decision for those of us in an agricultural belt whose main crop is alfalfa, I offer this one plea on behalf of reason, before the final verdict is in:

An Appeal for Common Sense to prevail in the case of Monsanto v. Geertson Seed Farms, No. 09-475, in which Judge Clarence Thomas is presiding.

Come on Clarence, we know you can do it! You can make the right decision and uphold the ban on genetically modified (GM) alfalfa. The question is, do you want to? After years of bowing to your GM masters, can you make the leap and strike a blow for food freedom?

Any thinking person knows that genetic modification allowed to spread uncontrolled is harmful to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And just how long do you think it will take for the unbridled scourge of anti-biotic resistance given to us by the genetic engineering process itself, to affect someone in your family? The growth of bacteria is exponential! Or, if you are not planning on being around for that, or feel you are sufficiently protected from having to eat what we the people eat, then by all means support Monsanto, just like the Federal Government does:

In its brief on the merits in support of Monsanto, the federal government similarly argues that the Ninth Circuit erred in establishing a presumption of irreparable harm in NEPA cases.” (Scotus)

And don’t fall for that genetic modification as the new “cure for world hunger” baloney. Any thinking person knows that this is merely a good propaganda buzz phrase used for advertising. Genetic modification has nothing to do with curing hunger, but rather everything to do with increasing the bottom line.

The question is, Clarence, WHAT WILL YOU DO?

©2010 Barbara H. Peterson

By David Gutierrez, staff writer

Natural News

(NaturalNews) Drug and chemical giant Bayer AG has admitted that there is no way to stop the uncontrolled spread of its genetically modified crops.

“Even the best practices can’t guarantee perfection,” said Mark Ferguson, the company’s defense lawyer in a recent trial.

Two Missouri farmers sued Bayer for contaminating their crop with modified genes from an experimental strain of rice engineered to be resistant to the company’s Liberty-brand herbicide. The contamination occurred in 2006, during an open field test of the new rice, which was not approved for human consumption. According to the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Don Downing, genetic material from the unapproved rice contaminated more than 30 percent of all rice cropland in the United States. READ MORE…

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