In some places, the term "natural" is defined and enforced. In others, such as the United States, it has no meaning.

By Allison Brooks

As societies develop and more technology is introduced, faith and trust in nature is lost. Mother Nature and the human body have been interacting for millions of years, way before any genetically modified plants or animals have come in to play, or even doctors. But it seems now, that this trust in nature for providing the best remedies and food is going by the wayside. More processed meat is being produced, more crops that grow out of season are bought, and more trust in chemicals to treat the simplest of ailments is increasing. This should not be the case. People need to look back to nature and realize that such a majestic background can produce everything needed to sustain life and thrive. 

Food Crops and biotech industries are going through one of the most unknown battles of all time. If anyone is familiar with the documentary film, Food, Inc., he/she would know about the Monsanto and soybean farmer battle. Who would have thought that such a subject would stir up such controversy. Monsanto has been in a heated battle for some time now, because it literally bankrupts farmers or monetarily forces them to use “round-up” ready seeds.

It was not until Dr. Arpad Pusztai did a study on genetically engineered potatoes, that Monsanto came under the gun for their soybeans. Dr. Arpad, who lost his job speaking out about GE foods, found out that GE potatoes lead to hepatorenal toxicity, or liver damage, in mice. He claimed that the process of genetic engineering, not the presence of pesticides, caused the damage in the mice. This is what fueled the whole GE controversy.

Another big GE controversy-product is milk. Every since “Little House on the Prairie” days, that good ole dairy cow has been pictured to have an easy going life, producing milk in a healthy manner. But now, instead of a grassy field and bucket to catch the additive free milk, there are cramped milking-factories and chemicals added to every glass.

When one enjoys a glass of this supposedly “natural” milk in the morning you get a dose of 20 different painkillers, antibiotics, and growth hormones. These include but are not limited to, niflumic acid, mefenamic acid, flunixin, ibuprofen, diclofenac, ketoprofen, and recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone. Acids and hormones and other ingredients that need a scientific dictionary to explain are in today’s milk. So far, all these added chemicals have been proven to lead to thyroid deficiencies, cancer, and other bodily disorders. Before milk used to be the thing to drink as a kid to promote bone growth, and now you have to do in-depth research to find the best milk.

These are just two examples of the millions, which make one question, “what is fully-natural?” Is everything that is labeled “natural” really good, pure food? With the presence of GE technology, it is hard to trust the “natural” foods in your local store. This should never be a question. One should not need to question if his/her corn is natural; this should be a given. Studies show that some of the goods that are now called “natural” can lead to a serious cancer prognosis or inhibit the natural healing process of the human body. For example, the extreme use of antibiotics and other chemicals in our food supply can make a person antibiotic resistant or can inhibit growth of certain hormones. All these problems can be alleviated if animal and crops were raised in a healthy, truly natural manner and not in factory-farms. Organic natural growth is the way to the healthiest life.

© 2011 Allison Brooks