Source: NASA

“Every day our bodies are exposed to low-level radiation from natural and human-made sources. Now with the unfolding nuclear disaster at Fukushima it is even more urgent to take care of your health.You may want to include a consistent regimen of herbs, foods and other treatments that prevents your body from storing radioactive particles.

The following herbs and foods have been shown to help fight the damage of radiation and free radicals:

Kelp,Seaweed,spirulina,chlorella,Dark green vegetables (these are natural sources of iodine) cilantro,rosemary,ginsing,dandelion, eating a macrobiotic diet, probiotics,turmeric.pomegranate, ginger,oranges.

Vitamin C,D,E flaxseed oil,Alpha lipoic acid,green tea (High in Bioflavinoids), lots of pure clean water.

Epsom salts baths or baking soda baths with bentonite clay. This helps pull heavy metals and toxins from the body and helps with radiation sickness. Taking baking soda internally will help to lower the body’s PH level which helps fight cancer according to many studies.”