Orbo technology represents a revolution for energy production and use. It offers a convenient, clean and constant supply of energy at the point of use.

What is Orbo technology?

Orbo is a technology that creates energy from magnetic interactions. Orbo provides free, clean and constant energy at the point of use.

Orbo is a platform technology that can be engineered to power anything from a phone, to a fridge to a car.

Orbo technology is controversial – science tells us that energy can not be created – yet Orbo does this. Orbo is an over unity technology – it provides more energy out than is put in.

Orbo is a result of many man years of technological development using a “Victorian Science” approach. It is a technology that has been derived phenomologically, through test, implementation and retest.

On 1st February 2010, Steorn will make Orbo technology available under license to developers through Steorn’s online learning, collaboration and development platform, the SKDB.

Commercial development licenses will be available in the 2nd quarter 2010 allowing product developers to supply Orbo technology powered products to the public.

Watch a live feed of the product demo HERE.