Nation appeals to Indian country to help recover land

By Gale Courey Toensing

Source: Indian Country Today

Story Published: Dec 4, 2009 (Story Updated: Dec 7, 2009 )

FT. THOMPSON, S.D. – The Internal Revenue Service has auctioned thousands of acres of land owned by the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, claiming the tribe owes back taxes.

Speaking to Indian Country Today Dec. 3 just moments after he was informed of the sale, Crow Creek Sioux Chairman Brandon Sazue said the IRS auctioned off 7,100 acres to collect purported delinquent employment taxes owed since 2003.

The tribal nation is determined to recover the property, which is not only within its ancestral territory, but also some of the tribe’s most valuable land that was slated for energy development.

The tribal council filed a lawsuit Dec. 1 in the U.S. District Court for South Dakota, seeking a restraining order to prevent the IRS from selling the land, but the court denied the request. READ MORE…