Do you want to know the safe alternative to warding off disease that does not include taking a poisonous vaccine? That alternative is a healthy immune system. By eating factory processed foods that contain preservatives, GMOs and all sorts of artificial ingredients, we are weakening our immune systems and leaving ourselves open to all sorts of illnesses.

In this fast-food day and age we have traded health for convenience. We go to the nearest store and get the latest quick fix food invention loaded with poison, pop it in the microwave, then go to the nearest clinic for vaccinations to ward off the impending diseases that we might get because we are systematically destroying our natural defenses.

Eating healthy and building up a strong immune system is essential for survival, and it is time we woke up to that fact. There is no magic vaccine bullet that will cure a lifetime of neglecting one’s immune system. The answer lies in healthy foods chock full of natural vitamins and minerals.

Sprouting is one of the ways to give our bodies a shot in the arm of high-density nutrition. Here is a rare video of Dr. Ann Wigmore, formerly of the Creative Health Institute (chiDiet) on sprouting.