earthworm-main_FullBy Ed Howes

Happy Slaves

The lowly earthworm, slaughtered by the trillions or zillions by chemical, corporate, money lover agriculture, is worth many times the pennies it costs to buy your starter stock, if they are not readily available for free. The profitable organic food producer raises them in controlled conditions to increase their rates of reproduction, foil predators and to prevent their escape. Worms are the cheapest labor you can get for your food crops. They work night and day tilling soil for food, which you provide them. They like decaying plant material to eat and they especially like to eat compost. The castings, or worm manure is superior to fresh compost as plant food. As your worm farm – ranch grows in size, you have more and more to add to new garden beds and tree holes. Plant quality and crop volumes sky rocket, requiring mechanical supports.

There is money being made in raising worms for sale and if I have my way, there will be a lot more to be made in the future. However, I find them far more valuable than their market price as personal assistants and manufacturers of organic, super potting soil. My focus will be on finding space for them and feeding them well. There are two types of worms of interest to the gardener. Common earthworms as you may have in your yard, make permanent tunnels and go as deep as two feet. We definitely want lots of them around our plants. Redworms do not make permanent tunnels, like living in rotting manure and garbage beds and stay within about six inches of the surface if it is not too hot, cold or dry. They will eat vegetarian manures and just about any plant materials. They reproduce faster than common earthworms and can be raised indoors for purposes of experiments and breeding. These are the ones that will produce more rich potting soil, dollar for dollar. Feed, water, protect from natural predators and they will help you grow superior plants of every description. Eat the fruit of these plants and you will be superior too. And you will know the difference.

The products and knowledge exist that allow us to grow the best food ever grown in the history of mankind, nearly anywhere we choose to grow it. The best food ever grown will have no shortage of customers for it, good times or bad. In a few years, supermarket produce sections will be pointless. Superfood will have the markets sewed up. Corporate farmers throw in the towel or specialize in non food crops. Old, depleted land comes onto the market for real people to regenerate and restore, at prices real people can afford. We are not going to replace the rainforests in a hurry but why can’t we cover the world in orchards, gardens and vineyards? Wouldn’t this help reduce carbon dioxide levels and reduce the greenhouse effect? It starts in my yard and yours, spreads from there as we choose to expand our own operations and encourage the involvement of others. We think about costs and how we can do more at lower cost. This creates models for the rest of the world. In my vision, poverty is a personal choice, not a fact of life – everywhere.

Quiet Revolution

The Homestead Revolution does not violently overthrow the status quo and corporate, money lover world. It builds a coexisting alternative to accommodate those who want out of the status quo.The greater the accommodation, the more people will opt out.The more people opt out, the less control and manipulation the corporate world wields over its remaining supporters and revolutionaries. This revolution is not subject to legislation and military force. Grassroots political structures can be easily created to gain control of county governments, state governments and lastly, the national government, instead of the usually futile attempts to create top down change.

The homestead revolutionary is free to pursue a quiet life of solitude in total independence from others. Yet, most will work toward improving social contracts at the local level and choose interdependence. We can more readily depend on others when we know it is our choice to do so and we are in a position to end that dependence any time. It is the best of all worlds in my opinion. Food production in a responsible manner, increases our connectedness to each other, wildlife and the natural world. We become less interested in what is in it for us and more interested in how we can help – the comparative values and attitudes of the old order and its new replacement. As we gain independence in our basic life needs, we gain spiritual enlightenment we can share with others, near and far. We become enabled, then empowered, no longer at the mercy of money lovers.

The Homestead Revolution changes the global value system. People, labor and spirit become the new money, the new capital. Partnerships become the measure of wealth, not bank accounts. Locally invested profits insulate the local community from global crisis and money lover economics. We know people often profit from crisis. Maybe it is our turn to be the ones to profit, at the same time we reduce the consequences of corporate dominion throughout the world. The corporate world needs the crises it creates to maintain power. The corporate world will drive people into the Homestead Revolution, once it is up and running. When your enemy increases your numbers, it is so much easier to love your enemy.

Just as terrorists use the Western money lover establishment to their own advantage, the non violent revolutionary can do quite the same. As we decrease demand for corporate product, that which we want temporarily becomes cheaper for everyone. The corporate world, for all its money, military and political puppets, cannot compete with a superior economic value system – it can only compete with those embracing the same value system. Why don’t we put ourselves to work creating a superior value system? Learn the true and potential value of slaves and souls and suddenly no one on earth is expendable or disposable. We can have it, if we want it. When enough of us have had our fill of restriction, repression and corporate fantasy, we will create a very different world. Or, maybe we’ll just leave it to the survivors of the Old World Order. The non violent Homestead Revolution is my alternative to terrorism. In fact, it shares the same goal as the terrorists – destroy an unjust value system. We don’t need the violence and we have a practical alternative. What is your alternative? “Come out of her, my people, that you do not partake of her plagues.” Though today we partake of her plagues and pretend the benefits are worth all the suffering, we know in our hearts there has to be a better way. It has long been my desire to share the one I could see best and now I have.

Here is to liberty and survival, comfort and personal security for the few who see the writing on the wall. We have an opportunity to change an ancient, corrupt value system and benefit everyone on earth. We will never see a better offer. Before you take up arms against your money loving oppressors, please remember you once had a non violent alternative. What did you do with it? Let us daily increase in wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity.