Source: Seeds of Deception

The companies listed below have subscribed to the following statements:

  • Our company does not support the introduction of Genetically Modified (GM) Sugar from GM sugar beets.
  • We will seek wherever possible to avoid using GM beet sugar in our products.
  • We ask the Sugar Beet industry to not introduce GM beet sugar into our food supply.
Company Website


Alvarado Street Bakery Website please do not introduce more genetically modified crops to our healthy and fertile soils  
American Feast Website Americans want a healthier & more sustainable food system. The introduction of genetically modified sugar beets would be a step in the wrong direction.  
Ashland Food Co-op Website  
Belfast Co-operative, Inc. Website We strive not to buy foods which contain artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, preservatives or additives; antibiotics or growth hormones; cottonseed or hydrogenated oils. Nor do we knowingly buy foods utilizing methods of genetic engineering or irradiation. We strive to limit our shelf space for foods containing chemically refined oils and highly refined sweeteners such as sucrose, fructose, corn syrup, and high fructose corn syrup.  
Big Island Organics Website  
biobag Website  
Blue Marble Brands Website  
Bluff Country Co-op Website  
Bozeman Community Food Co-op Website  
Brattleboro Food Co-op Website  
BriarPatch Cooperative Website  
Brigit True Organics Website Brigit True Organics manufactures skin care with as much organic ingredients as possible. We do not use any ingredients which are gene- manipulated. We demand that all gene manipulated products be labeled and that all animals being fed with manipulated feed be labeled.  
Catholic Healthcare West Website  
Central Co-op’s Madison Market Website  
Chatham Marketplace Website  
Community Food Co-op Website  
Cook County Whole Foods Co-op Website  
Coombs Family Farms Website  
Coonridge Organic Goat Cheese Website NO GMO SUGAR! What about the growers who don’t want to grow it having their fields sugar beet or any beets, contaminated!? Don’t have GMO in the sugar you use. I have a sweet line of cheeses and will not use any of your GMO contaminated products.  
Crown Prince, Inc. Website As an importer of wild harvested fish and shellfish Crown Prince, Inc. does not deal in any product that is genetically modified. We are deeply concerned, however, as consumers and members of the Natural Products industry that we indicate our support for the restriction of GM products. Whether the potential is GM sugar or genetically altered farm-raised fish we are against genetic engineering.  
Debra’s Natural Gourmet Website  
Deep Roots Market Website  
Earth Source Organics Website We strive for one thing in our products,Integrity. We will never sell our customers a product that has ever been anything but the highest quality, 100% organic ingredients, never modified. We promise to sell only the highest frequency foods on the planet and nothing less. Our customers deserve the best and the truth always.  
East End Food Co-op Website  
East Lansing Food Co-op Website  
Eco-Heaven LLC Website Eco-Planet Organic Cookies and Crackers are always and ahve always been free of GM Sugar Beet derived sugar.  
Emerald Forest Sugar, Inc. Website We do not, nor will we ever, use any genetically modified ingredients in our products. Emerald Forest Sugar is committed to making the highest quality all natural sweeteners and snacks available. Enjoy a healthy lifestyle with the unbeatable quality of Emerald Forest’s products.  
Equal Exchange Website  
Falcon Trading Co. / SunRidge Farms Website  
First Alternative Cooperative Website  
Food Conspiracy Co-op Website  
Gelato Massimo, Inc. Website  
Gold Mine Natural Food Co Website  
Grandma Honey’s Pantry Website No GM Sugar (or Wheat)! We provide clean food to our customers. No herbicides or pesticides or antibotics. There is no science that shows GM products are good for you – we will NOT use them!  
Green Grocer Chicago Website We will not buy GM products knowingly and if we discover through our continuing research that a company has started to use GM products, we will stop buying from them immediately.  
Green Tree Cooperative Grocery Website  
Greenstar Cooperative Market Website No GMO Foods Label Foods that contain GMO ingredients  
Hanover Consumer Cooperative Website  
High Mowing Organic Seeds Website High Mowing is a proud plaintiff in a lawsuit against the release of GMO sugar beets and strongly supports these efforts to fight against unwise technologies and instead, work for healthier, locally-based food systems.  
Hudson Valley Seed Library Website  
Hunger Mountain Cooperative Website  
JUST Community Market Website Small producer co-op southwest of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. Monsanto has their Canadian Head Office in Winnipeg as well as a breeding facility and research farm close to where we live. Many citizens aren’t aware of their ominous presence in our city.  
Just Food Co-op Website  
KFM Foods International Website GMO ingredients should not be allowed in the animal and human food chain. However as some are already present any GMO ingredient or products must be labeled as such in the final consumer packaging so consumers can make informed choices on what they are buying. If the companies that want to support GMO production of raw materials (KFM is not supportive of GMO products or GMO methods)  
La Montanita Co-op Website We will not knowingly sell products that contain GM beet sugar and will continue to urge all our suppliers to source ingredients for all products from non-genetically engineered sources, preferably organically produced whenever possible.  
Live Bread Shoppe, Inc. Website At present we are very strict about our ingredients. We use all natural and organic ingredients where possible and minimumly processed. Our products are made with the best of care and production. We grind all our own wheat, which is certified chemical-free. It is our hope that these adulterations will end because, we the people, stand up and say “NO”.  
Lucky Foods, LLC Website  
Marlene’s Market & Deli Website  
MaryAnna’s Tea LLC Website  
Menomonie Market Food Co-op Website  
MHS   Please save our children from potential hazardous ailments by changing to natural ingredients and products!!  
Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op Website  
Moscow Food Co-op Website  
Mountain View Market Website  
Namaste Foods Website  
National Cooperative Grocers Association Website  
Natural Resource Group Website  
Neighborhood Co-op Grocery Website  
New England Natural Bakers Website  
Nightfire Natural Foods Website  
North American Herb & Spice Website We continue to use no GMO ingredients in any of our products and may we wish you the best health possible!  
North Coast Cooperative Website  
One World Enterprises, LLC Website  
Onesta Organics Website Our pet food company uses only certified organic ingredients. We use only two non-certified organic ingredients in our whole food-based pet food products, which are not available in certified organic form (e.g., calcium carbonate). Organic certification of pet foods requires that any included ingredient that is not available in certified organic form is verifiably not genetically engineered. We believe that industries including pet food manufacturers have the ethical responsibility to provide products that are safe and healthy for both pets and the environment.  
Organic Valley Website We also urge everyone to tell the USDA “NO” on new untested genetically engineered corn that is being proposed.  
Organically Grown Company Website  
Ouiya Cuisine Website  
Pastula Farms   Think of the children we already have trouble . Common Sense if its not working stop.  
PCC Natural Markets Website PCC merchandisers sent letters to vendors in February 2008, saying that full disclosure of product ingredients is a standard they are expected to meet. We requested that the manufacturing community verify non-organic ingredients as non-GMO and identify GMO ingredients on the label.  
Phil’s Fresh Foods Website  
Pilgrims’ Produce    
PURE FUN CONFECTIONS Website We must be careful not to subject our population to one of the largest clinical trials in history withouth their informed consent!  
Quincy Natural Foods Co-op Website  
Rising Tide Community Market Website  
River Market Community Co-op Website  
Ruth’s Hemp Foods Website Since we started in 1999, the top value in our values-driven company has been GMO-Free! We will never change that. (As well, we are free of refined sugar, synthetic vitamins, hydrogenated fats and articifical colors & preservatives.)  
Sacramento Natural Foods Cooperative Website  
Skagit Valley Food Co-op Website  
Springfield Creamery Inc./Nancy’s Cultured Dairy and Soy Website  
Stark Sisters Granola Website For the sake of our children, for the sake of our planet, no GMO!  
Straus Family Creamery Website  
Sundance Natural Foods Website GM sugar beets accord no real benefit to farmer or consumer. We will not knowingly sell products containing GM sugar in our store, and will make sure to support other sugar products. GM sugar would do great damage to US sugar industry.  
Syracuse Real Food Co-op Website  
The Gift of Gab, LLC Website Our company, The Gift of Gab, creator of Gaby’s Gourmet Granola, an organic and wheat-free product, does not support the introduction of any Genetically Modified ingredients in any of our products. Everything we create and share with the world is held to the highest standards of quality and purity. thank you. Enjoy in good health. ONE LOVE.  
The Hampstead Tea & Coffee Co., Ltd Website  
The Simple Soyman    
Tidal Creek Cooperative Food Market Website  
Truly Raw Gourmet   Truly Raw Gourmet believes in 100% Real Food. We do not support any company using GMO’s and do not buy any products that contain GMO’s.  
Turtle Island Foods Website  
Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op Website  
Upper Valley Food Co-op Website  
Wedge Community Co-op Website  
Wheatsville Food Co-op Website  
Whole Foods Community Co-op, Inc. Website  
WholeSoy & Company Website  
Willy Street Co-op Website  
Ypsilanti Food Co-op Website  
Zico Website Are ingredients are straight coconut water from young coconuts made in Brazil. Other that adding natural flavor essences instead of fruit juices to our flavor varieties, Zico adds nothing else.